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Flexible tuition options & competitive rates with the best instructors!

The British Ski Center offers professional ski & snowboard tuition with native English instructors guaranteeing maximum levels of progression whether it be your first time on the snow or if you are looking at pushing yourself further to more advanced techniques.

All our instructors are appropriately qualified, contracted and experienced for ski and/or snowboard instruction.

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Our Rates
Ski / Snowboard Level Guide
Tuition Options: Personal Tuition | Family Enhancement | Group Tuition
Special Needs / Freestyle
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Note from the Pro's

Our Rates (Euros) 2018-19

A PDF file version of these rates is downloadable at the bottom of this page here..

BSC Rates 2018 19

Updated rates as of August 2018. Subject to alteration.

A PDF file version of these rates is downloadable at the bottom of this page here..

General Information

Ski TuitionWe not only offer professional ski tuition but are also very much available to assist our clients in getting to grips with the resort; where everything is in the resort; popular haunts; the Spanish tapas bars; restaurants, accommodation etc.

We are based at Intersport Rio Sport with whom we collaborate and recommend for your equipment hire requirements, located in the central Plaza de Andalucia, just 20m from the entrance to the Al-Andalus gondola.

Sierra Nevada is a very Spanish ski resort, which contributes hugely to its laid-back and fun-seeking atmosphere. It does, however, mean that English speaking can be limited. Most of us speak Spanish fluently and we are happy to use this to help everyone enjoy a hassle-free time.

Any English speaking client taking a lesson through British Ski Center will have either a native English speaking instructor or, at the very least, someone who speaks English on a regular basis in both an academic and social environment. See our terms and conditions for more details.

Top Tips:

It is possible to find "English speaking" instructors through the other schools, but usually their knowledge is limited to just technical vocabulary as opposed to confident explanatory conversation.

Good general conversation levels are essential for building up client/instructor relations and, of course, quality of tuition, particularly when the client requires more in-depth explanations relating to the techniques at hand. This is where we always come out on top!

Ski & Snowboard Attainment Levels

As a guide, we have categorised achieved standards into the following groups:

British Ski Center Sierra Nevada Ski & Snowboard Ability Detail Chart

IMPORTANT: Wherever possible, we will always endeavour to maintain continuity of instructors for multiple day bookings although due to the dynamic nature of the business, we cannot wholy garantee this. Likewise, requests may be made for specific instructors but it may be necessary, particularly during high season, to re-allocate a different instructor in order to cater for everybody's requirements as efficiently and professionally as possible. For this reason we will fully not confirm this until the day of the lesson.


Private Tuition

These will cater for a maximum of 4 people in any one group. In a private class, no additional people will be added in as could happen under the Group tuition options. As such, if you book 3 people into a class, there will just be the 3 of you with one instructor.

It is important to note that the standard of skiing must be roughly equal amongst the group members. Failing this, the more advanced skiers will not benefit so much from the class.

We recommend that children and adults are also taught separately due to differences both in teaching technique and general learning capabilities. Children also often require much more personal attention and care, which can take away time spent on others in the class.

The standard minimum time slot allocated for Private Tuition is 2 hours with the exception of our Tiny Tot Tester.

Family Enhancement Sessions

These sessions are aimed especially at families with children, or groups of friends/family where we work more around you and your specific requirements of wishing to be together in your class irrelevent of differences in ski levels and/or ages. Where ski levels vary these prolonged sessions allow flexibility for the instructor to spend productive time with each member according to their standards and needs*. For example: Parents head off for a ski to allow the instructor to focus on the youngest child to get them going. After a period, the child may get tired and need a break. In the meantime, the parents (or one of them) joins the instructor for a while before switching with the other parent. After a rest, the child joins in all together with the parents to show off their improving skills and so on and so forth.

Additional services that could be encompassed may include the following:

  • Meeting and finishing at your hotel**
  • Supervised child breaks for refreshment, lunch and rest periods whilst the parents go for a "free-ski"
  • Guided tour of the pistes; professional photo shoots;
  • Academic progress analysis; (G.C.S.E. assessments / Instructor training hours etc.)
  • Basic freestyle techniques

Essential focus is spent on combining tuition techniques with building on "Ski Time" according to our base philosophy where: "An essential way to improve one's skiing is to ski!". The instructor is reserved solely for your party with no others joining in.

There are essentially no limits to the number of people who may take part in these sessions although our general terms and conditions apply regarding instructing different levels of skier/boarder and the combining of adults with young children which should be considered beforehand to ensure maximum all-round benefits.

Food and drink costs are not included. Breaks are made at the discretion of the CLIENT. If the Instructor deems it necessary to break for health/safety reasons, he/she will make the recommendation to the CLIENT explaining fully the reason. Full day sessions will include a minimum 45 minute stop for lunch at a time established by the CLIENT.

*IMPORTANT: Where differences of ski levels occur and especially where young children are mixed with older children and/or adults, the speed of prgression will always be much slower than if separations were made to allow the instructor to focus better on the individual.
**Where pick up and drop off at the client accommodation is requested, time will be allowed within the allocated session slot so as to allow the instructor time to return to our official meeting point in Borreguiles for any subsequent tuition that may be reserved for him/her.

Group Tuition

Group tuition offers the opportunity for people to learn to ski and board with others of a similar standard, creating a fun environment in the learning process, and introducing people to others with whom to continue skiing throughout their stay or even on future trips.

Group tuition offers a more economical way of learning since, with more people in the class, we can reduce the per capita rate easier to cover our costs.

We currently offer you three types of group tuition as follows:

Holiday Groups ("Ski School")

These will run from Monday to Friday, 3 hours each morning making a total of 15 hours tuition. This particular group scenario will run primarily during the school half term week(s) of February.

For these groups to go ahead we need a minimum of 5 people per group. With this option, you are obliged to start on the Monday. Due to high levels of demand and consequential disruptive issues, we do not accept mid-week starters, and require you to contract the full 5 days' tuition even if you are only able to do 2, 3 or 4 days. 

Please note that due to the high demand levels for tuition that we receive in particular for the main February half term week (and also during other sporadic holiday periods), we are obliged to source additional instructors from other ski schools as well as freelance instructors in order to cater accordingly. This means that not all instructors will be native English speakers. They will, however, have been "vetted" by us and considered to have a higher-than-average level of English speaking, in addition to a friendly and professional attitude, whereby the tuition given will not be limited to purely single line phrases but instead, they will have had plenty of conversational experience to be able to explain things, where necessary, in an alternative manner. Please refer to point No.7 of our booking terms and conditions for more information.

Mini Groups

These are tailor-made groups of up to 6 people running on a flexible basis according to demand. A minimum of 3 people is required to warrant the group running. Class times will run typically as with the "Holiday Groups" but are flexible between morning and afternoon according to demand.

Intensive Groups

The principal behind this option is to offer intensive tuition for people on short breaks to get as much progression as is possible during their limited time on the slopes. For parents, the extra hours of tuition also allow for more personal skiing time.

These groups involve 4 hours of tuition per day. They run typically in 2 sets of 2 hourly sessions, allowing a break in between for lunch, or a straight 4 hours if preferred, requiring a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 6 people per group and can run on a flexible basis so long as the minimum numbers and even standards are met.

Group Considerations - IMPORTANT!

Due to the number of people in the group (usually 8-10 as a maximum in Holiday Group scenarios), levels of progress are generally slower than with private tuition because the instructor has to spend time with more people.

Bear in mind also that people advance at different rates, often resulting in split levels occurring within the group. When this occurs, the instructor can only essentially teach on terrain suitable for the level of those going slowest (primarily for safety reasons). Where possible, depending on availability of instructors and group space, it is feasible to move people between groups to maintain equilibrium. Alternatively, where other groups are unavailable or space is restricted, the instructor may see scope for splitting the group in order to provide better individual focus as a whole.

Specials Needs / Adaptive Skiing

At the British Ski Center, we have instructors trained for a number of adaptive and special needs requirements. Please let us know the details of the condition at the time of booking to ensure the correct instructor is reserved for you.


Our experienced instructors can offer a range of freestyle training to develop your skills on and off the pisted terrain* including initiation to the Progression Park and Half Pipe. Much of this is focussed on stance and positioning on the skis and hence piste work is also necessary. An advanced standard of skiing/boarding is required where both confidence and competence on all grade of slope is important in order to maximise the benefit out of the training.

*For insurance purposes, we are not covered for any incident that may occur whilst training off the marked and prepared pistes.


If you are a first time skier or snowboarder PLEASE take tuition. Do NOT try to learn by yourself or with friends as this is the best way to end up with an injury and/or put you off what is an amazing past-time for good!

Whilst budget concerns are understandable, Skiing & Snowboarding is not a cheap sport to undertake and there are plenty of obligatory costs involved to just get yourself on the slopes (lift passes, equipment hire, parking etc..). It is always a great shame to see people effectively waste these "obligatory" costs by trying to "save" on tuition costs because at the end of the day, your experience on the slopes is minimised greatly!. With the general idea being to return home with a truly memorable "SKI" experience, by investing in professional tuition, you not only learn to ski the correct way but also in the safest manner and before you realise it you will quickly find yourself capable of skiing away from the nursery slopes and onto the ski lifts. Once you get away from the nursery slopes and onto the green runs, the whole ski experience takes on a thrilling new level for you that overly justifies the additional expense incurred to get there!!

We recommend that you begin with a 2 hour private class per day over the course of at least 2-3 consecutive days, or else (subject to availability & minimum numbers) 3-5 days in Group Tuition.

You will initially spend time on flat terrain in the nursery area where you will get to grips with the basics of putting on and taking off your skis/board, sliding motions and basic speed control theory. Gradually you will move to a very gentle slope to practice the basics of controlling your speed.

As a very rough guide, (and this does vary from person to person as well as being very dependent on the number of people in the class), you can expect the following from a private lesson:

1 Hour To have essential understanding of controlling your speed down a gentle slope in a straight line in the nursery area.
2 Hours You will have touched on the basics of turning from left to right and back again down a gentle slope (better one side than the other, more than likely!!). More confident learners may even get to try one of the nursery chairlifts.
3 Hours You will have greater confidence in linking turns & speed control. You will most likely have some limited experience in using a chairlift to access some of the green runs away from the nursery area.

Notes From the Professionals

NEVER rely on friends or family to teach you unless they are qualified and experienced themselves (and even then it is not particularly recommended!). A high percentage of ski accidents, (not to mention arguments!), occur in these situations where basic safety procedures and techniques are taught incorrectly or not at all!

DO REMEMBER that Sierra Nevada is, perhaps surprisingly, one of the highest ski resorts in Europe. The altitude change can bring on "Altitude Sickness" including such symptoms as dehydration, nausea, dizziness, headaches, nose bleeds and weariness.

Very young children on their first skiing holiday should consider a single hour to begin with, to ensure they are enjoying themselves whilst acclimatising - PLEASE REMEMBER TO FEED THEM BEFORE THEIR CLASS!!

As Sierra Nevada becomes increasingly popular as an alternative ski destination with the English speaking visitor, demand has increased also significantly for English speaking ski instructors. British Ski Center can guarantee you this in a way that no other ski school in the resort can!


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