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Be An InstructorLooking for Instructor work? Here's some information on the working potential in Sierra Nevada.

As a small team we rarely need many replacement instructors from one year to the next. However as dynamic an industry as this is, we are always happy to receive new applications.

As legislation on national, regional and local scales are constantly revised, the following should be noted when applying for a job as a ski or snowboard instructor with us:

1. To help create a common standard of profesionality and instruction among the ski schools of Sierra Nevada, a contractual agreement is signed each season with the resort management company, Cetursa S.A., based on a series of requirements for both legal and internal recognition purposes as well as benefits on ski passes for the Instructor to operate on the slopes.

The main requirement affecting the actual instructors themselves is that they should be qualified to the minimum TD1 Spanish level as organised via the Spanish ski federation, RFEDI (Real Federacion Española de Deportes de Invierno). In the case of foreign instructors this has become somewhat of a dilema as no official relationship has been established to equate foreign licences to the Spanish qualifications.

As such, from 2010, it was agreed that all instructors should have an ISIA level certification or at least be in the process of attaining one by having proof of completed certain related modules. Examples of foreign attained ISIA certifications are: BASI 3, NZSIA 3, CASI 4, PSIA 3.

Therefore, if you currently hold no ISIA certification and are not in the process of attaining one, we are unable to employ you without issue!

2. We are a small team, (typically 10-12 instructors), and have only ever required one full time snowboard instructor due simply to the demand for snowboard instruction. As such we rarely need snowboard instructors. Instructors qualified in both ski and snowboard tuition however, are more sought after having the great potential to work more as a result.

3. Our staffing considerations do not begin until at least until mid-October when we hope to hear from all exising staff members as to whether or not they will be returning with us for the coming season. Only then will we know for sure if any positions arise.

CV's will be reviewed accordingly and decisions made on the basis of qualifications, experience and potential longevity, i.e. potential for working more than just one season. This does not mean, however, that first year instructors will not be considered. On the contrary and in line with our general work dynamic, enthusiasm is a major element in terms of guaranteeing quality instruction to our clients! Too often have we seen other ski schools with "burnt out" instructors who continue working simply because it brings them an income; there is no other option available or simply to get a free ski pass too!

Be A Ski Instructor

How do we work?

Our work philosophy/structure is simple:

  • You turn up well presented, on time each day and for each class
  • You treat all your clients in the same professional manner
  • You free ski when there are no classes
  • When you need time off...ask us and so long as classes can be effectively covered, there is no problem.
  • We will only bother you if you bother us!
  • We will even pay you!

How to prepare:

If you are offered a position with us, before accepting, please consider the following:

1. We do not have staff accommodation. This is something you will need to sort out for yourself although we may have contacts to pass on to you to help out. Please also note that often in Sierra Nevada, the full amount of the season accommodation is required in advance although some agents may be negotiated with. They will also charge a deposit on top of the rental fee to be returned at the end of season after deducting all final electricty and other expenses.

The rental rates in resort vary greatly from one apartment type to another and an apartment suitable for 4 people sharing will most likely cost anything from 2500 Euros upwards*. Rentals out of resort in Granada or the valley villages (Pinos Genil, Güejar Sierra) are generally lower cost but then you will need to consider transport to/from resort and costs incurred thereof.

*Approxiumate rate based on those applied in 2014-15

2. In order to legally employ you, you will need to obtain a NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) at the local police in Granada. The address is: Calle San Agapito nº 2, C.P. 18013 Granada. Contact numbers are: 958909311 / 958909314 / 958909315 (English is not widely spoken!). Download and complete the necessary form here and then take it in where you will be informed on other necessary requirements such as photos, tax payment slips etc. You should allow at least a couple of days to get this sorted although Spanish paperwork can sometimes be tedious and more time may be necessary.

3. We will arrange your lift pass which is paid for by the school.

4. Try to allow a couple of weeks before work is likely to commence in order to prepare for the above as well as getting some ski time in to get to know the resort. Typically speaking we anticipate needing instructors as from the week leading up to Christmas.

5. April is a funny month and varies in terms of work load depending greatly on the fall of the Easter holidays. Generally speaking we would expect to have work into the middle of the month albeit on a much quieter basis.

6. The number of hours you may expect to be doing also depends very much on the season itself, the snow fall, number of visitors etc.* However, we expect to provide you with 300-350+ hours of classes during the season.

7. Wages will be confirmed upon our acceptance to your application.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Ski Instructing is no longer a job to guarantee any significant kind of economical savings as it was 3-4 decades ago. If you are under any kind of impression to be able to walk away at the end of season with a flourishing bank account, we recommend you consider another vocation!


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