apres ski sierra nevada spainSierra Nevada is well known for its lively "Spanish" night scene, especially during high and mid-season periods. Regular public events are organised for most weekends in and around the central Plaza de Andalucia. Public notices are posted around the village and on the gondolas informing of events to come.

Both the Pradollano and Andalucia plazas host a good selection of typical Spanish Tapas bars and restaurants that generate significant resort ambiance between 5 and 8pm, after which people typically drift off to have dinner before heading out later on to the night bars.

In typical Spanish fashion, you don´t go out until 11pm at the very earliest if you want to see others out and about!

This is when most disco-bars open their doors in which to party the night away until dawn. Over the course of the season regular promotional "fiestas" are held, giving away gifts upon purchase of drinks.

Bar Crescendo

Among the most popular bars, the Crescendo is almost iconic of Sierra Nevada and a great starting point. It opens throughout the day and into the early hours and is a good "early" nightlife option to get you going before the locals hit the town! Whilst one of the pricier places in the resort, Crescendo offers a worthy chillout ambience with lounge style seating in its split level interior and a flaming fireplace in its centre. There is good home cooking here, a fully licenced bar and their very own "Mauld Wine" and "Lumumbas" on offer. Crescendo is located in the Pradollano square at the base of the pistes next to the Parador chairlift.

apresskiA great sun spot, not to mention "Sunset" spot, is the terraced area lining the valley side of the Plaza de Andalucia. Here are a good selection of bar/restaurants offering a full variety of tapa, main dishes, rations etc. with outdoor terraces to take in the spectacular views both up towards the slopes and down the valley westwards towards Granada. Among the most popular spots here are Tia Maria, La Visera and Vertical.

All three open their doors from 8.30-9.00am through into the early evening. For the true "Brits" among us, La Visera offers a very hearty English breakfast interpretation!

Also in the plaza de Andalucia, the Verve Cliquot bar "N'ice" often has live music during the afternoon/early evening time and offers a great sun terrace to watch the world and their wife go by over a couple of aperatifs.


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