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  • Accommodation & Tuition Enquiries for Winter 2017-18

    As we are "out of season" our response rates are currently much slower than usual, however we endeavour to respond to enquiries on a weekly basis. ACCOMMODATION: The majority of hotels and apartments don´t release rates until the Autumn. However, we are able to book some of the most popular choices for you now, so let us know your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as we can. TUITION: Enquiries will be responded to from the beginning of November, but please do send in your requirements as soon as you know them as we will respond in order of receipt of your request. Provisional rates for 2017-18 are now posted on our website for your reference.

Terms & Conditions - British Ski Center

British Ski Center Booking Terms & Conditions

(Correct as of 1st October 2015)

In the following booking conditions "we" and/or "us" means the British Ski Center of Sierra Nevada which forms part of the company, Sierra Essence Ski & Mountain Center 2006 S.L. "You" means all persons named on the booking form (including anyone who is added or substituted at a later date). Any monies paid to us for any booking imply your full agreement and understanding of the following terms and conditions.

1. Ensure that all details printed on your booking confirmation document are correct. Any errors or doubts should be emailed immediately to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting your client reference number. We accept no responsability for any oversights to errors found latterly on your booking confirmation documentation.

2. Please call (+34) 670 461330 or find us at our office base (see point number 8) the day before your first class to confirm everything.

3. Your reservation will be held until the morning of your first day’s class at 09.15. After this time, if the balance payment or no contact has been made, the reservation may be cancelled, deposit with-held and cancellation fees applied according to our cancelation policies described under points 24 - 31.

4. Skiing / Snowboarding Abilities: Where more than 1 person takes part in any class (private or group), it is the responsibility of all taking part to ensure that their respective levels of skiing/snowboarding are similar. Where split levels arise during a class, the instructor is restricted to teaching to the lower standard which will subsequently reduce progression levels (and hence value for money) of those with a higher level of skiing or snowboarding. We offer no refunds in these cases where insufficient information has been provided in respect of the experiences had by each person taking part.

5. Children & Adults: As a general rule we always teach children (especially young children) separately from adults due to significant issues arising in relation to teaching techniques and learning capacities. Young children in particular also get very distracted by having their parents or other adult family member with them in a class which ultimately limits the amount of progression they make as well as reducing their overall enjoyment of the class. Where bookings are made irrespective of this advice, we accept no claims made latterly and offer no refunds.

6. Tots: For particularly young children (up to 6yrs) we generally recommend starting off on a one-to-one private tuition basis. In a Group scenario we will always try to limit the group size to no more than 4 to any one instructor. As per point 5, we strongly recommend not combining a class for a tot with a parent or guardian. Where bookings are made irrespective of this advice, we accept no claims made latterly and offer no refunds.

7. a) English Instructors: All our contracted instructors are either native English speaking or at the very least are fluent in English, being accustomed to speaking English on a regular basis. 

    b) Busy periods: Where demand dictates (especially during, but not limited to, the Christmas/New Year, February half term and Easter holiday periods), we may have to sub-contract instructors from other ski schools. Where this occurs, we ensure that only the best English speaking and professional instructors are sourced according to availability based on our personal acquaintence of them. We make no further guarantees relating to their actual language fluency. Upon reservation, you will not be confirmed your actual instructor unless specifically requested by name and confirmed as available. However irrespective of this, we reserve the right to change the instructor reserved without prior notice to effectively cover demand requirements and in the event of illness or other such situations resulting in the instructor not being able to take the class.

Contact & Meeting Points:

8. Contact: We are based in the Intersport Rio Sport equipment hire shop located 30m from the Al-Andalus gondola entrance. Please be sure to ask for the British Ski Center so as to avoid confusion with the shop’s own Spanish ski school. All of our contact numbers and email addresses are displayed on our website: www.britishskicenter.co.uk.

9. Meeting points for all classes (Private/Group/Guiding) are in “Borreguiles” unless otherwise indictaed on your confirmation documentation or verbally upon your arrival. You must take the “Al-Andalus” Gondola from the central square, “Plaza Andalucía”. The Gondola takes 7-10 minutes, (not including queue times!). As you come out through the exit doors head straight onto the piste about 20 metres from the building towards the Emille Allais and Borreguiles I chailifts, do not turn left or right. Your instructor and/or our coordinator (whose name(s) will be confirmed on your arrival) will be there to meet you. Our uniforms consist of predominantly blue ski jackets and black ski pants with the "British Ski Center" logo and “Instructor” on our back as well as the same logo on our right lapel and our ski pants. Our secretary's main contact number is +34 670 461330.

Private Tuition:

11. Definition: A specific class for up to 4 people together whether from the same family or friends and with similar abilities. There will be one instructor to teach you for an initial minimum period of 2 hours per session. A private class means that there will not be anyone "unknown" in the group as it will be based on a mutual agreement between all members.

12. Hours Taken: These depend on you but as a rule a two hour session is the best option to make noticeable progression in any single class as well as increasing value for money. For larger class sizes, 3 or 4 people, it can be more beneficial to take a 3 or even 4 hour session instead depending also on the general level of fitness within the class members. Our website provides full details on options available.

Group Tuition:

13. Definition: A class for 3 or 5 people as a minimum requirement with one instructor. We do our best to make up the minimum numbers as and when group tuition is requested. People taking part in group tuition do not necessarily know the other group members.

14. Group Types are divided essentially into “Holiday Groups” and “Mini Groups”. Holiday groups are those that run specifically during the school holiday periods whilst Mini groups may run during all other seasonal periods.

15. Holiday Groups: 5 days of tuition running from Monday to Friday with 3 hours of tuition per day (typically between 11am-2pm on the first day and then from 10am – 1pm on all subsequent days). Minimum of 5 people required to run any group. Maximum group sizes are intended not to exceed 10 people in any one group. Under special circumstances and in the aim of keeping all groups as even as possible in terms of the level of skiing / snowboarding, we may deem it necessary to exceed this limit if other instructors are unavailable.

16. Mini Groups: 2-6 days flexible tuition consisting of 3 hours tuition per day (morning or afternoon depending on client preferences and instructor availability). Minimum of 3 people required to run any group. Maximum group sizes are intended not to exceed 6 people in any one group. Under special circumstances and in the aim of keeping all groups as even as possible in terms of the level of skiing / snowboarding, we may deem it necessary to exceed this limit.

17. Minimum Numbers: If, as a result of cancellations, lack of interest or misleading information we receive from you or other clients relating to previous ski/snowboarding experience(s), the numbers are not met, we reserve the right to make such amendments as reducing the number of daily hours given in order to ensure that tuition is guaranteed to those who have booked whilst at the same time covering our costs.

18. Group Levels: All efforts are made to ensure that levels of skiing / snowboarding within any group are similar. As numbers increase within a group this is harder to guarantee. Our initial groupings are based entirely on information you provide us about your previous experience and that of any other person taking part under your booking. If this is misleading in any way it could disrupt the grouping procedure and hence everyone’s progression and enjoyment. Where spaces & instructors are available, we are able to move people between groups in further efforts to equalise the levels. At other times this is not possible due to either a lack of appropriate group or instructors available and we accept no liability for this. In all cases you understand and accept that people progress at different speeds for many different reasons far beyond our control thereby creating certain imbalances among a group. Our instructors are trained to work at maintaining as much balance possible within the group in attempts to avoid these situations.


19. Definition: A designated period for an instructor to lead 4 people or more on a reconnaissance trip covering certain areas of the ski terrain according to the general abilities among the group. The principal idea here is to effectively give you a clear insight into the layout of the ski terrain, it's short-cuts to/from certain areas, quiet/busy areas, hard/easy runs etc..

20. Minimum Numbers: The minimum charge for four people will apply in the event of fewer than 4 people signing up. Where numbers are few, we will contact you a few days in advance to give you the option of cancelling (Guiding only). If you opt not to cancel at this point and then decide to cancel after our advising you, no refund will be made on deposits paid and all other cancelation conditions apply as per points 24-31.


21. Booking Deposit: 50% of the total booking is required to confirm any tuition. This is payable by bank transfer into either of our company accounts in the UK or in Spain. Details will be provided upon confirmation. Any and all bank charges incurred with the transfer will be absorbed in full by you. Where last minute bookings are concerned (3 or fewer days prior to the first lesson) you will be requested to make full payment in advance at the time of booking.

22. Balance Payments: Balance payment, in cash, will be made by no later than 09.15 on the day of the first class. Please call (+34) 670 461330 to arrange a meeting time to make the payment, (preferably the day before where possible).

23. Credit cards are not accepted.

Cancelation & Refunds:

24. Private & Group Tuition: Any cancelation made within 4 days of the first class date will result in a total loss of the deposit paid. Cancelations made between 4-7 days prior to the first class will result in a 50% refund of the deposit paid. Cancelations made 7-14 days prior to the first class will incur a cancelation fee of either 10.00 Euros or 10% of the deposit paid (whichever is the greater) to cover administration costs. Full refund of the deposit paid will be made for any cancelations made up to 14 days prior to the first class. All amounts will be refunded by bank transfer to less any bank charges where applicable.

25. Cancelations During Your Stay: Once confirmed and paid, you are obliged to take part in the classes or at least find a suitable replacement to fill your slot. The full amount will be witheld in either case. 

26. Lift Closure/Poor Weather Conditions: In the event of adverse weather conditions resulting in the closure of the ski lifts, British Ski Center will endeavour to re-allocate your classes on subsequent days according to current availability at the time. This may mean a change of instructor for some of the periods. Where group tuition is concerned, refunds will only be issued where 3 or more hours’ tuition are lost. This will be calculated on a proportional basis of the total hours contracted less a 5% administration fee. Where the ski lifts are operational in spite of poor weather conditions, all classes will continue as scheduled. The decision by the client to abstain from classes due to poor weather does not entitle you to a refund of any kind although, where available, classes may feasibly be postponed to an alternative day/time.

27. Accidents: In the event of an accident resulting in you having to cancel the remainder of your classes, and as long as we have been notified at least 12 hours before the next class is due, refunds for subsequent Private tuition classes will be issued less a 5% administration fee. Refunds for Group tuition will be issued if 3 or more hours’ tuition are lost. This will be calculated on a proportional basis of the total hours contracted less a 5% administration fee.

28. Children: Children often have to break during a class due to the climate and high altitude effects. If they have not eaten or drunk anything for a while, these effects can be magnified significantly. We offer no refunds for any breaks having to be taken as this is simply part of looking after the child and ensuring their wellbeing.

29. Sickness: In the event of sickness, refunds for subsequent classes not taken will be issued as per point number 27 and as long as we have been notified at least 12 hours before the next class is due.

30. No Shows: Irrespective of the reason, not showing for a lesson will result in the loss of the full fee for the class.

31. Cash, Bank Transfer and Credit Card Refunds: For security reasons, we do not carry large sums of cash readily available to pay refunds during your stay. We reserve the right to pay any refunds by bank transfer to a UK or Spanish bank account of your choosing. Refunds issued by bank transfer will exclude any bank commission fees that may be applied to us. Where original payments have been made by credit card, your refund will be made via the same means. All refunds will be made in EUROS in accordance to the original amount quoted. Where exchange rates are concerned for sterling payments, we will refund using the same rate as per your original payment. Credit card issuers may vary their exchange rate on credit card refunds. We do not cover any differences incurred by this means UNLESS the reason for the refund is due to an administrative error on our part.

Web Discounts:

32. Any discounts advertised on the website are applicable for bookings made 8 days or more prior to the required first day of tuition unless otherwise stated on the website itself.

33. Pre-booking Discounts are not applicable to any additional classes contracted during your stay.

34. Web Information may change during the season along with any rates including offers and discounts. At the time of booking, whatever rates are offered on the website will apply and any old offers displayed previously will be void.


35. In the event you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your tuition received, we urge you to let us know immediately, in person at our office base so that we may look into the matter and, where applicable, offer a suitable resolution. Refer to point number 8 on how to contact us as well as your email correspondence and booking confirmation documents.

36. We do not accept any liability, except purely as a source of feedback, for complaints received more than 24hours after the tuition has been taken.

37. Where situations have no solution and British Ski Center is clearly at fault, we will offer a full refund for any tuition not taken.

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